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Changes to Brazilian Firearm Laws

Brazilian president signs new decree on firearm ownership and international firearm trade.

Friday 24th May 2019 Share this article: | 0 comments

On 7 May this year, changes to the laws on firearm acquisition, registration, possession, and movement of firearms and ammunition were published in the Brazilian Official Gazette. This follows a decree by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was sworn in as President of the Republic in January. 

The new decree comes five months after Bolsonaro delivered on a key campaign promise from his election campaign by broadening access to firearms for "good" law-abiding citizens.  

The decree facilitates the possibility for civilians to obtain firearm licenses and guarantees a certain number of citizens easier procedures to obtain licenses so long as they fall under a selection of working categories. More importantly, the new decree opens up foreign competition in the sector. Whilst Brazil has no restrictions on the export of firearms to other countries, up until now, there has been a block on the importation of firearms and ammunition not manufactured in the South American country, but with this new decree, these blocks have now been removed.

Here at the GTA, we are delighted to learn about President Bolsonaro's positive political attitude, and hope that this will benefit the UK gun trade positively.


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